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Life Coach 

My name is Dominique Council but you can call me life coach Dominique. I have a deep passion for all facets of wellness and life coaching. My coaching journey began at an early age. While in high school I was the creative director for the psychology club. The psychology club allowed a space for high school students to discuss personal problems, growing pains and navigating through high school.  


Later, I went on to become a teachers assistant for Abnormal Psychology in college and would hold office hours for peer counseling. My passion led me to obtain Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Hampton University, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Marriage, Couple & Family counseling.

In 2018, I  founded Jireh Life Coaching LLC.! I have a passion for actively listening and offering new perspectives to life's challenges! Maybe you need a fresh start, someone to offer guidance or just someone to listen, whichever the case I am here to help you feel better and offer a new perspective!

                                               Thank you!

                                  Dominique Council

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